Monday, October 4, 2010

Beach Bird

These crafty little beach birds are so funny to watch running in and out of the surf gobbling up tasty little seafood treats. I am not sure exactly which bird this is, therefore, the clever title. Maybe I could use some help here.
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Elizabeth Blaylock
Gulf Shores, Alabama


Diana said...

I love the colors of this painting and on the bird. Most shore birds I know are white & gray...can't help you there. Love it, though.

Bev Boren said...

Love this painting! Great color and love the brushwork!

Elizabeth Blaylock said...

I appreciate your kind comments.
I pushed the colors (as usual) to get a little more punch.

Claudia Finn said...

It is so wonderful and his stance is captured so! I love to push colors also and this is so inspiring to me!

carmenguedez said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I love this painting!